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  • Alfa’s Hackathon Persists as Central to Its Innovation Culture

Alfa’s Hackathon Persists as Central to Its Innovation Culture

Alfa Hack Uk 2 2

Alfa, creator of Alfa Systems, the leading technology solution for asset finance, has conducted its second UK Hackathon.

Staff from Alfa UK hacked in teams over two days - some through the night - on projects of their choosing.

Prizes were awarded to all category winners, with some given the opportunity to take their ideas forward into the development phase. The only requirements were innovation and collaboration.

Andrew Denton, Chief Executive Officer, said: “Before you make innovation happen, you have to make it possible. This means putting in a framework that makes people feel comfortable to innovate, and making it clear that innovation is something you want and need in your business. If you provide a democratic, inclusive environment and invite a group of motivated people to go and get on with it, then you see the best bottom-up ideas and the biggest chance of success.”

See how the event played out below.

Alfa’s Hackathon is an annual event in both the UK and US. Alfa’s second US Hackathon takes place in October.